Princess by Jean Sasson: Book Review

Princess by Jean Sasson- Book Review by Arsh

One of my favorite books so far, Princess is based on a true story of a Saudi Princess who is considered worthless for being a woman beside having all the wealth of the world. It is about the life of Princess Sultana Al Sa’ud who belongs to the royal house of Saudi Arabia. Being a woman is a shame for Saudi Royals and they keep it a secret when they’re born or bury them alive or if not, they are worthlessly caged. These women are considered slaves of their male masters, the youngest ones get married to the old men and are brutally murdered for smallest allegations.

This book is totally heart-wrenching and you’d want to finish it in one go. It took be 4 days to finish it since I had no time, work and all but still every time I opened the book to read it, I didn’t want to close it back! With all the wealth in hand and being caged and bound to men, no human rights what so ever, all the stories of oppressed people within the book are traumatizing, it’s a must read for all!

This book opened a whole new window of how Royals besides being filthy rich are breaking the basic human rights rules and keeping their women behind black veils where they’re not allowed to even talk, let alone raising their voice against violence. I won’t form a personal opinion about general Saudi men since not all the fishes in the sea are the same, but a majority of them have closed their brains and follow what their previous generations followed which is NOT RIGHT at all!

Princess by Jean Sasson

My personal opinion about this book is that it should be added to the course books where people see what the reality is and how one can take action against such violence in today’s world. This book is worth a read by all people in the world. I’ll give it 4.5/5, to be honest. True stories always catch me, especially when they’re about human rights.

Princess by Jean Sasson (back)

Also, I’ve a plan to read ALL the books by Jean Sasson starting with “Daughters of Arabia”. Just in case if you’re interested to know the list, some background, you can check her website here.

Happy reading everyone!

-Arsh Azim

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