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Izil Natural Argan Beauty Product Review

Izil Natural Argan Beauty Product Review by Arsh

Hello, beauties. I am up to finally review my favorite products from Izil beauty, 100% natural Argan Oil and other products. They claim that their products are 100% pure, natural, chemical and fragrance-free and after using them personally, that’s true! I already mentioned Argan oil in my August pick’s post and it’s truly my favorite and on the go product. Received them recently for testing and since then, I am in LOVE with them! Let’s review each in detail now.

Izil Beauty Argan Oil and honey body scrub

Argan Oil:

So this one is my top favorite. I use it most of the times on my hair and face and the benefits are uncountable. Personal experience is that since the time I have started using it on my face (as a moisturizer before bed) every night after washing, I’ve seen not a single pimple/breakout or dryness. I AM TELLING YOU, this product is unbelievable. It keeps your skin moisturized all night without being oily whatsoever. It absorbs quickly so you won’t even feel that there’s any oil on your skin. It’s perfume and chemical free and 100% natural, as far as I see it. I have an extremely sensitive skin and even a little bit of chemical ruins my face but this one is just out of the world. I am so repurchasing it after it’s finished. Let’s count the benefits of this product one by one as well as how you can use it. Ready?

Izil Argan oil by Arsh

Benefits of Argan Oil:

  • On the face: As a moisturizer every night. One drop is good to go.
  • On hair: After you wash your hair, you can just add a drop all over your wet hair (don’t ignore the tips), it will absorb and won’t even show that there’s some oil. Works like magic (I do that, every time!)
  1. Before you wash them, just massage 1-3 drops of this oil all over your head and scalp, will reduce hair fall, dandruff, dryness, and keep your hair shiny.
  2. Style your hair up instead of using gel or hair spray. It has minimum oil texture and perfects for styling since there’s no chemical and no damage caused.
  3. Protection before Blow dry/straightener/any other hot tool: WORKS WONDERS! There’s no need to use those chemical filled hot tool protectors. One or two drops on natural Argan oil will do the needful.
  • All over the body: If you’ve eczema problem (like me), use this as a moisturizer after shower or before you sleep. I already mentioned that it’s not oily and won’t show on your skin but would keep your skin nourished and healthy.
  1. It also helps in scar removal. If you’ve any scar on your body, just use a drop on that area every day and you’ll notice changes soon.
  2. Razor bumps: It’s soothing and helps in scar removal. Mentioned earlier already, it just soothes the burned feeling right away.
  3. After shave: YES! N used it and he loved it!
  • On your Lips: Dry lips? Not anymore. With too much lipstick usage, our lips crack so while you put the oil on as a moisturizer, also use it on your lips and you’ll never find cracked lips! Been there, done that!
  • Under Eye: The only oil that can be used under eyes, soothes the tiredness and helps in minimizing the under-eye bags. Just when you use it on your face, massage under-eyes for a minute and you’re good to go!

WOW! That are way too many! Well, the ones that I mentioned are from my personal experience. There are many other benefits of this oil that I don’t know of. In short, it’s a must have! If you want to buy it, you can get it from here.

Now let’s jump to the Royal Honey Softening Body Scrub.

Izil Beauty honey body scrub

Izil Beauty Natural honey body scrub

  • I tried it on my hands and feet first and believe me, it was AWESOME! It smells like pure honey, is sugar-like and the texture is pure honey-like. Never saw this much pure scrub ever in my life. It claims to purify your skin which is so true. Also, it helps in exfoliating and has anti-ageing ingredients, what not to love? Let’s see the benefits of honey scrub and I am sure you’ll go for this one and drop everything else (well, at least that’s what I did)
  • Honey is antibacterial and helps your skin clean on its own. Simply massage over your body while in the shower and you’ll see an apparent change. If you’re like me, sensitive to everything, just try it on your hands first and you’ll notice the results yourself.
  • This is 100% natural, again chemical and perfume free so won’t do ANY harm if you use it (unless you’re allergic to honey).
  • Not all skin types are the same so if it irritates your skin, just wash it right away. This is why it’s always important to try it on least sensitive part first and then the rest.Izil Beauty Natural honey body scrub 1

Just look at this beauty and its texture! I am literally in LOVE! 

I personally loved these products. Definitely buying them again once they’re finished. Good news, they deliver for FREE all over the UAE. You can check their other products, they have a great range and variety for face, body, hair, etc. Head to their website here and buy whatever suits you! My recommendation is YES!

Izil Beauty Argan Oil and honey body scrub 1

Happy shopping!

-Arsh Azim

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