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To all the Employers who take their Employees for granted

Before reading this, keep in mind that this is just a general opinion, not related to my work or personal stuff, not against my employer or anything related whatsoever. It’s something that happens everywhere and needed a voice which I have so here I am, with such a post. Once again, this is a controversial post so if you’re going to take it personally, don’t read it. Thank you.

To all the Employers who take their Employees for granted by Arsh

Hello hello. Wake up and speak because it’s time. I won’t shut up just because I am NOT afraid or fear to lose my job. To be very honest, I am NOT a kind of person who rants or complain but there comes a time when it’s just TOO MUCH. You just grab your stuff until the box is full and then all of a sudden it gets busted and things start to fall- that’s when you just say it all without giving a damn. Yes, we do have control over our words, emotions, behavior, but what is right needs to be said, once and for all. Here, I’d just speak hypothetically and on behalf of all those employees who’re going through the same shit over and over again, having no peace of mind but can’t say anything just because they fear. Remember,

Some employers take you for granted. No matter how well you score, how big your achievements are, they’d still come and question you, “hey what did you do till now?” I mean, can’t you just see it yourself? Yes, we are supposed to report you since it’s your right but when you just ignore those “report” emails and ask, you’re getting low. If you have hired an employee, you’ve entered him in your company’s family circle and it’s you who’s responsible for seeing what’s going right and where is he getting wrong. If mistaken, correct him. If correct, appreciate him. Isn’t that what a family does? Employees retaining is what a company should focus on. The more retained employees in the company, the better rating, and business it has.

There are people who achieve way too much in their work, none of which that goes appreciated. Just put yourself in his shoes and tell me, how’d you feel about it? If your company achieves something, don’t you get an award? Sometimes in the form of money/business, other times an award. How does that make you feel? You want to work more, right? That’s what each employee feels. Little things matter, remember that! So don’t take your employees for granted. Even if they do less, train them, punish them, let them learn, but don’t just take him for granted. He is giving you the most hours of his day, appreciate that. Time is an investment itself.

One more thing. It’s not just always about money (salary). It’s more about the token of appreciation, a smile while passing by, a certificate! Once is not enough. Sometimes, all that matters is a token of appreciation, not money. Yeah, for some people, money DOES matter but not ALL and not EVERY TIME. What would you do with a project that gives you money but no admiration? You’ll feel it’s useless since it’s just making money. While there are certain employers who pay HUGE salaries to its employees but no appreciation/ceremonies of admiration/motivational letters etc. If an employer pays an employee, that doesn’t mean he’s doing enough. An employee can be disgusted with time just because he ain’t appreciated.

Okay now let’s talk about the “amount of work” you think and employee should do. Here’s the thing. If it’s about the count, it’s not difficult. But there are people who just quietly work and don’t show off! Don’t take such people for granted! You think that a person doesn’t show his work and hence he hasn’t done it. It’s not always like that. There are people who quietly work. And then there are those too who take credits for others work. Look closely and you’ll find them both sitting side by side. Understand their brain, not how they work. If someone can DO something (besides that he shows it or not), he/she can TAKE it back as well (without anyone knowing). Remember that! You wouldn’t want to put yourself in that place, ever.

To sum it up, employees are a company’s asset. Make them feel at home, don’t disgust them to a point that they start giving a damn! Your company is a second home where all the employees spend 8-10 hours of their everyday life, which is the most BENEFICIAL time of the day and those hours are exclusively for you. Why would you not appreciate that? The more employee stays in the company, the better for your business. If you can’t retain the people, how can you retain business? I’m not saying this all on my behalf. There are A LOT of people who want to say this but can’t because either they’re afraid or fear to lose a job. Ending my blog on a very important note, people. The day you fear, you fail! WAKE UP! Your self-respect, peace of mind, motivation, and self-improvement is what would matter later!

No offence to any employer out there. You all are our source of income and we love you. It’s just that there are some bad people out there and they need to be told. 

Peace for all.

-Arsh Azim

6 thoughts on “To all the Employers who take their Employees for granted

  1. what a post! Nowadays emm suffering from this situation and won’t believe how i feel, my boss doesn’t consider me at all, he talk rudely, he is different personality, such a jerk man! he doesn’t have graceful personality at all, and he non-technical as well that’s why he is pretending too much, that’s why he doesn’t respect my work and need more and more,


    1. Totally understand that. I’ve put here everything that I’ve been seeing around and seeing people going through it. It’s just maddening. Like if one can’t value a human being, what would he do with animals? They always need more and never appreciate what you already give them. Kills creativity and peace of mind. Hope things get better for you…


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