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Oprah 20 Questions Challenge: 13

This is going to be short and sweet. Hopefully but not very incredible. I’ll keep it to the point just because I need some time to pay attention to the small things around me.

Am I paying enough attention to the incredible things around me by Arsh

I mean, look at the beauty in this picture, yar!

Here’s the question: Am I paying enough attention to the incredible things around me?

What would your answer be to that? Walking by the road, do you see the amazing blue, sometimes white or gray skies? Do you see how the road has been laid, that heavenly peace of art? Do you see the buildings around you, beautifully standing, each glass window shaped perfectly, each light fixed finely? Have you ever seen the sky at night, some stars blinking while others quietly rotating without making you feel that they are, such pace? Do you see the beautiful sunsets on the way back from work, sometimes orange, other times red, WOW? Have you ever seen the tiny holes in the coffee, the amazing foam it forms after mixing? Do you see the waves by the beach, sometimes harsh, other times calm and peaceful? And the way they form layers, isn’t that just amazing?

I don’t see how a Porsche on the road runs, all I see is the tiny atoms surrounding it. I don’t see a huge bungalow in a big town, I see the beautiful garden surrounding it. And there’s a lot more that can’t be explained in just one blog post. Each tiny pretty thing needs a whole blog post about it, so worth it. So the answer is, YES, I do pay more than enough attention to the incredible things around me. In fact, sometimes I so much get lost in this random stuff that I forget where am I sitting and write a whole poem, imaginative write-up, photograph it, or simply stare at it for minutes. These little things are what makes this world beautiful. There’s so much to see yet we sometimes miss that just because we’ve to rush to the place/work/school or whatever. Sometimes, we all need time to look deeply around us and see what needs appreciation and admiration. Beauty lies around us, within us, it’s just the matter of time.


-Arsh Azim

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