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Get into GOMO, not FOMO this year

Heard about FOMO (Fear of Missing out)? Many of you would have that feeling especially seeing check-ins of friends in the places you so wish to be but either your work won’t allow or your pockets, sometimes time! Why buy things that you’d rarely use? Put some in the travel jar and USE it at least once a year. Won’t that make you just happy? And oh, don’t forget about the memories, please.

So this time, let’s not FOMO and dwell into GOMO (Going out more often). This year, my plans had been real to the point: seeing new places within my residential country, going on stay cations at least since I can’t travel a lot due to work, find new places in town and have fun.

There are so many things happening in Dubai every single day and we miss out on them just because either we don’t know in advance or just indulge in the normal random everyday stuff. I know Dubai Summer is killing but there are so many places that won’t even let you indulge in the heat. Have you heard about Hub Zero? Opened last month, it’s a place for Live Games. Ever imagined playing street fighter live? Well, that’s the place. So many activities in one land. Also, many themed parks are opening this year and I am so going for all!

Check out what I’m planning to do this year. Let’s see if I’d be able to achieve them by the end of 2016 😉

  1. Hub Zero: A newly opened place in City walk. Check the details here.
  2. Stay cation outside Dubai: Most probably outside Dubai but within the UAE. Planning to go to Yas Island, stay there for a day or two, go to Yas water park that I haven’t been to yet, and see things around. The plan is for this Eid since it’s going to be a long break. Got any suggestions for hotels? LET ME KNOWWWWWWWWW PLEASE!
  3. Theme Parks: IMG World of adventures is opening tomorrow (YEEEEEEEEESSSSSSSSSS!) so I’d be heading straight there anytime soon. No one can stop me from the world’s largest theme park! Also, Legoland, Bollywood Parks, and others are opening soon too so yeah, all on the list 😉 Check out all the details here
  4. Miracle Garden: It’s such a shame that I’m in Dubai since 3 years and haven’t been to this place. I mean, how lazy could one be? So yeah, it’s opening back in October (closed in Summers) and I am so going there. Next to it is a butterfly garden and I might head there too (just so you know, it’s open in summers). This is my 2016’s resolution 😀 (hope this way I’ll at least go there on the last day of 2016 😛 )

I guess these are enough for now. I want to be realistic and ACHIEVE them instead of just saying it. And oh did I mention how to keep a track of my bucket list? This Event planning app Eventbrite is what I’ve been using for all my events track and is simply amazing. It reminds me of what I should be doing, has tickets on sale most of the time, you can even sell your tickets online here or simply RSVP to events you want to attend. Give it a try, there’s nothing wrong in it 😉


Bring in your suggestions 😀

See ya!

-Arsh Azim

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