Monthly Picks

Monthly Picks: September Release

Monthly Picks: September Release by Arsh

Hey, guys! Sorry for this late post. I had been soooooooooo busy the previous week because of Eid holidays (turned out to be a 5 days break, woohoo!) and all, completely ignored my blog and was merely present on Social Media. I think I needed some time off so couldn’t just handle much. But well, we can’t run from our routines all the time and though I love to write stuff, sometimes you need a break from things you love too just to realize how much they meant to you. Ha, philosophy. Okay, forget it, let’s get straight to the post. This month has been a venture in many ways (good and bad okay?). I learned A LOT of stuff, got to know some humans in a real meaning, saw some new stuff, learned that Mistresses and Devious Maids (my favorite TV shows) got canceled *major heartbreak and some tears*. Uff, ain’t that just too much? *cries out loud*

Let’s just say, I am collecting my shattered pieces of heart because of the shows cancellations and writing this post *wipes my tears off*. Hello drama, take a break. Let’s get to the show.

Books: Finished reading Rumi’s daughter and it was really good.  Didn’t LOVE it since I expected the feeling of Forty Rules of Love (oh, expectations hurt. Sorry I forgot) but I liked it. Worth a read and definitely give it a go if you want to deeply understand how Rumi’s life changed just because of one person. Also, if you’re a woman, you might end up crying since it’s unfair in that part. Check out my complete review here.

Rumi's daughter

Food Place: Tried the Chocolate bar at Mall of the Emirates and oh, that was a major heart strike. If you wanna fix your heart, order anything that has whipped cream, ice cream, brownie/cake AND fruits, please okay? You’re welcome!

Chocolate Bar MOE

Jewelry Item: These beautiful ring that I bought last year. Though I don’t get much chance to wear it since it’s too fancy, I love it! 

Fancy Jewelry

Makeup Pick: This honey scrub from Izil Beauty is an ultimate favorite pick, I must say. It literally makes the skin smooth and shiny! So natural! I have reviewed it earlier so you can check the details here

Izil Beauty Natural honey body scrub

Movie Watch: Had a chance to go to the movie premiere of Actor in Law, a recent Pakistani movie and unlike my expectations, it was pretty much good. Om Puri, Mehwish Hayat, and Fahad Mustafa attended the premiere. Loved the movie, loved the jokes, loved the script. We must support our own cinema but when it’s about quality, I never mention anything unless I love it. This one was worth it. Thanks VOX for the invites!

New Place to Visit: Yes, finally something new. Spent my Eid staycation at Rotana in Yas Island, went to Yas Beach and Yas water park since I already tried Ferrari world. Well, to be honest, the stay was good, Beach was nice and water park was fun but NEVER compare it to Atlantis Aquaventure. It was fun, though, we had a great time, good to go for one time. Also, saw Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque and it was BEAUTIFUL. Trust me, this picture doesn’t do any justice to it.

Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque Abu Dhabi

Outfit of the Month: I don’t know why but I am getting everything in black and white these days. Totally love this shirt that I recently and by chance got it from Splash styled up with basic tights from HnM and shoes from Aldo. Jewelry is a gift from N so don’t really know from where 😛 Since my nails were painted in sea green, had to match the jewelry with it. A plain black and blueish wallet from Aldo. Simple, casual, happy go lucky look!

Outfit of the Month by Arsh

Special Something: Here’s something special exclusively for IKEA. They surprised me twice this month by sending over some amazing stuff and then catalogue invite and finally we went to have our own catalogue cover photo (a family made exclusively in Dubai, N, Me, and Nicola) 😀 They are the sweethearts, made my days, love them so much! ❤ Thank you, IKEA for EVERYTHING!

Ikea Catalogue 2017 Invite

Ikea Catalogue 2017

TV Show: Binge watching Suits these days and it’s awesome. Harvey takes a case, Mike messes it up, Louis brings up a drama, Jessica shows some attitude to fix it, Harvey saves the day every single time and the cycle continues 😀 Love the story and everything about it except Louis. He’s so mean </3

Ok bye! :p

-Arsh Azim

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