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Natural Haircare Routine

Natural Haircare Routine by Arsh

We all know that HAIR is a big deal. It took me way too long to figure out how to properly take care of them especially in Dubai. Since I moved here, I didn’t have a short haircut. 4 years ago, I had very short hair so didn’t care much but now when they’re a little longer, I really want to keep them and want them to be at least better if not the best 😀

So here’s the deal. I tried many shampoos, hair conditioners, hair oils, hairbrushes and almost everything that consumes a regular haircare time (Yes, I don’t really get much time for myself). The water in Dubai is different. Many people I know lose their hair, they go bald (especially men), their hair gets dry, most of the times they get damaged due to hot tools, coloring, blow dry and stuff. I am a kind of person who occasionally uses hot tools, have blow dried hair once in a lifetime, never colored hair or did any treatment so yeah, I am safe. But still, there came a time when my hair looked messy to me. Though when people see, they like them and appreciate, but when I see them, they’re thin and really need to be taken care of. Especially when I am not using any kind of hair tools on regular basis, I really felt like I should find ways to keep them in place in the most natural ways possible. I stay away from treatments no matter how great they are. In the end, nothing beats the natural look. So let’s begin with what I’ve personally used and have literally worked for me.

First and foremost, don’t wash your hair every day. Trust me, they get damaged. Too much water is NOT good for hair. Wash them only when you feel like the scalp is dirty or oily. It takes 3-4 days usually (at least for me). For very oily hair, it takes 2-3 days but I’d suggest to give it 3 days at least. If you really feel uncomfortable, make a braid, bun or a high ponytail. Seriously, you’ll pass through the day.

So let’s begin with my haircare routine that I believe many of you would like to follow since it doesn’t involve much of a pressure, can be done on regular basis, doesn’t take much time, and has no expensive stuff involved. I am not a fan of wasting money for nothing. Especially when the things are used on regular basis, you’ve to keep it within the range of affordability no matter how rich you are (Auntie wala lecture 😛 ). Let’s start?

Best Hair Oil

I’d start with hair oil. I’ve been using this since a few months now (forgot the count, it’s been way too long) and can definitely see changes now. This coconut oil really gives a bounce to my hair, I use it before the shower. Argan oil, on the other hand, gives shine and keep them in shape and I use a drop or 2 of it on wet hair after the shower. Nope, it doesn’t leave an oily effect so that’s the reason I go for it. I use it for the whole body because it’s too good. Here’s the complete review I did earlier, just in case you missed it. Also, if you’re going to use hot tools, use a drop or 2 of this oil and your hair shall be protected. The coconut oil can be of any brand, simply go to a nearby store and get it. This Argan oil I took from Izil beauty, here’s the website. They ship internationally, so yeah good for all!

Sunsilk Hair Shampoo and Hask Deep Conditioner

Let’s get to the shampoo. I switch shampoos every time I finish up one. It’s like a regular routine so I ain’t bother much. I am NOT a fan of Sunsilk but when I used this Shine and Strength one, it literally added some volume to my hair. Also, they don’t break much now. My hair is thin and light so was in real need of it. Mission accomplished. I’ll definitely keep switching because a shampoo shouldn’t remain same forever. Your hair always needs new ingredients the way you need new dishes 😉

As far as the hair conditioner is concerned, I switch them every time with the shampoo. Heard about these new deep conditioners by Hask and gave it a try. Macadamia Oil is so far so good. I really feel like my hair is getting the right amount of nutrients, to be honest. They’re silkier and stay hydrated for longer. Definitely keeping up with these. Next one to try is the one with Argan oil, let’s see how this one goes. These are available at Carrefour. Didn’t see it anywhere else yet.

Wooden Hair Comb

A very important thing here. Change your hairbrush/comb if you feel like something’s wrong with your hair. I switched from a regular hairbrush to a wooden comb and I literally feel  a big difference. Less breakage and less hair fall while combing. I believe, this thing is going to stay with me for longer just like Argan oil 😀 Take any wooden comb from nearby store.



Also, recently I started these multivitamins for hair and they’re working. They’re for hair, nails, and skin and since I was changing my whole hair care routine, I had to add these. Will finish this bottle and stop for a few months or a year before I start again. It’s my first time for hair vitamins and so far, it’s going pretty good. It’s definitely helping. Took them from a pharmacy. (Important Note: Consult your doctor before you start any medicine. If it reacts, immediately stops the use.)

So here’s the complete picture of all the products I use on my hair.

Haircare Items

See how simple was that? It takes a little effort but is worth it 🙂 Here are some quick tips that personally worked for me as well.

  • If you’re going through dandruff issues, use coconut oil twice a week. If you don’t have that, use mustard oil or black seed oil. Should definitely work.
  • For those who’ve itchy scalp, stick to black seed oil.
  • Those who want to stick with long hair, comb your hair from back to front once a week, it helps (not much but a bit, better than nothing.) Also, it’s a good massage for hair so once in a while, we all should do it.
  • Wash your hair twice a week only or every 3-4 days. Not more, PLEASE. It get’s dry then, believe me!
  • Don’t go for hot tools every day. They completely damage your hair. If you really can’t deal with natural hair, just braid them up or tie in a ponytail.
  • Switch to wooden comb. It’s the best!

Here’s a preview of how my natural hair looks like. No tools used, nothing. Just combed up and pinned slightly at one end. Yep, these curls are natural. Also, don’t like hair falling on my face so I pin them up.


-Arsh Azim

8 thoughts on “Natural Haircare Routine

  1. I really enjoyed your post! I also have a post regarding coconut oil, and am very impressed with the product. As well, I had no idea how useful wooden hairbrushes are, so I will definitely have to try one out!


    1. I did a recent review on the coconut oil shampoo from the brand Hask and its sooooo good! Also, I’d recommend wooden combs over brushes if you’ve frizzy hair. But if not, wooden brushes are perfect to go 🙂 try them, yes!

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