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Best Skincare Routine for Eczema

Cetaphil Skin Care product Review

A lot of us suffer from Eczema and we all know that it has NO CURE! Like, it is annoying but you’ve to live with it. I’ve seen people having it on their face, and it’s totally frustrating. I get it because I myself have this problem, thank God, not on the face, though. I’ve been testing out a lot of products, nothing worked except when I found Cetaphil products when I was randomly scrolling through a drugstore. The sales person explained on how it works, I didn’t believe at first but after checking out the formula, I thought to give it a try. Though you’d find it expensive for a regular moisturizer and body wash but trust me, it’s worth it. Both costs a 100 AED and 108 AED which is ok if you can use it for up to 9 months (worked for me).

Cetaphil Body Wash

So initially when I started to use it, I felt it was definitely different. The body wash doesn’t have any foam, any kind of scent, nothing! It’s just a body wash that cleans off your skin. Yes, we do love to smell good but what’s the use when in the end that foam and strawberry scent would give you an itchy skin? Definitely not worth a risk, right? Yes, I did want to use the other products sometimes but I had to keep up with the whole bottle for once just to see if it would work and IT DID! Nah, not exaggerating. It might not work for a few, I am not a dermatologist but for me, it did and one must try, there’s no harm. Now, I do use the other products but not leaving this one either.

Cetaphil Body Moisturizer

Coming to the body moisturizer, you can apply it right after the shower, it keeps your skin moist for the whole 24 hours which means you don’t need to put it on twice a day, once is good to go! It gives a cooling effect and you won’t feel uncomfortable either.

Cetaphil Face Moisturizer

Also, a few months back, I came across their new launch for face and bought it right away. Why? Because in winters, my face starts getting dry and I use nothing except baby cream (which have paraben and perfume) and this face moisturizer had no artificial formula. I have been using it every day now and it’s very helpful. I don’t see much dryness anymore. If you don’t like experimenting with too many chemicals on your face, go for this simple moisturizer.

They also have other products for gentle skincare such as sunblock, soap, skin cleansing cloth etc. You can have a look at their website here, available in most of the Pharmacies in UAE. Don’t know much about other countries but I believe it should be there.

cetaphil products

That’s it, guys! Let me know if you’ve your favorites for such skin type and help others out 🙂 Enjoy the Spring!

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