Desert Royal by Jean Sasson: Book Review

The last book I reviewed of Jean Sasson was “Princess” and since then, I wanted to read all her books (they’re still on my list). These books are based on true stories and as per my temperament, I LOVE to read such stuff. I don’t like much of a fiction; love more of a Sufi, true story type so these books are definitely for me. I have also read the 2nd book “Daughters of Arabia” (also called Princess Sultana’s daughters) that was more about her 2 daughters Maha and Amani, how they grew up with all the Saudi wealth and what troubles they made/faced while growing up. It’s more about how she took care of her daughters, wasn’t much fascinating, just a story so I just shared a small bit of it in my October Favorite’s post because I didn’t want to review the whole book since there was nothing much. But if you’re really planning to read all her books, you must not miss any part and that’s what I did.

Desert Royal (or Princess Sultana’s Circle) is the 3rd in “Princess” trilogy and has become my FAVORITE! When I started reading this book, I was stunned on how each page held my grip and wanted to just know how these Saudi Royals have lived their lives. This book portrays how Sultana fought for the freedom of women and survived the strict Islamic society. Her freedom of expression is what fascinates me the most, she doesn’t care about what consequences she can face while getting into all kinds of troubles just for the sake of women rights and does what her heart believes is RIGHT.

Desert Royal back by Jean Sasson
The interesting part is how her daughters are growing up to be the opposites yet have a soft corner for all the good deeds and fighting since the young age while her husband Kareem fully supports them. My rating to this book is 4.5/5 stars.

It’s a must read, you can check other reviews here too. I just can’t wait to read the other parts, though.

Currently reading: Mayada Daughter of Iraq and definitely writing a review about it once it’s finished. It’s already giving me goosebumps. What are you reading these days? What do you think shall I read next? You can talk about your type of books too 😉

Until then.


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