Mayada Daughter of Iraq by Jean Sasson: Book Review

I have seriously adored Jean Sasson after reading the first book “Princess” and so all her books are on my list. Well, once being done with the Princess trilogy, I jumped straight to read Mayada Daughter of Iraq since it seemed interesting. Guys, THIS book literally gave me goosebumps and tears. I still am stuck with the thoughts of how she managed to write this book.

Mayada Daughter of Iraq

Mayada was a member of one of the most famous & honored families in Iraq. She was a royal, in short. When all of a sudden Saddam Hussein’s power took over Iraq, she was thrown into cell 52 in the Baladiyat prison with a few other women. That cell was a torture for her. Not only her, but the other shadow women were suffering in hell along and how she managed to tell the stories of all those people is truly out of mind. She has told the story of each woman she knew in that prison along with her own.
Mayada Daughter of Iraq 1
In my opinion, you cannot finish this book in one go, yes it’s THAT torturing and shocking. I would literally be lost in that world of cruelty and to take myself out, shut the book off for another hour or so and continue later. Took me 2 weeks to finish it though.
Terrifying, scary, emotional book I must say. Will rate it 4/5. Give it a read if you really want to know the history of Iraq and its invasion etc.
You can also read about the book’s review here.
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