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Favorite Thing: Nebulizing Diffuser from Organic Aromas

Are you a fan of well-scented home, some heart-warming elegance, and aromatherapy? If so, this post is EXCLUSIVELY for you!

Nebulizing Diffuser by Organic Aromas
I have been using this diffuser over a month now and believe me, I don’t think it can replace anything else in my home. Being a huge fan of candles, air fresheners, and everything that brings fragrance to my home, this thing has topped the list and I’ll tell you how. Keep reading…

Elegance Nebulizing Diffuser by Organic Aromas

It comes with cleaning tubes so you can clean it every week. How cool?

I have NEVER been a fan of humidifier (it does the same thing, almost!) No.1 is because it’s too much humid (I hate it being in Dubai), No.2 it’s noisy and No.3 and most importantly, it doesn’t look good while placed anywhere in the house. I mean, if you have to use something for its benefits, at least it should look beautiful (sorry, I like cute stuff way too much, no compromise what so ever!)

Nebulizing Diffuser with oils by Organic Aromas

They were so nice to send over a whole pack of essential oils. This is the complete package I received. 

So this diffuser is nothing of that sort, believe me. I got this Nebulizing Diffuser from Organic Aromas and it’s purely magical. I’ll tell you why.

  • It is not noisy at all. Very calm and silent, you can literally meditate while its on.
  • It uses essential oils, just a few drops for a few minutes and the whole house gets the feel of a spa. Oh, do put on light music for that to add up 😉
  • Essential oils don’t only give fragrance within a few minutes but have many health benefits (depending on which one you actually use.)
  • It’s safe to use with so many benefits. I use way too many candles and my husband just doesn’t like it. It also has some disadvantages that I won’t share because I don’t want anyone to hate them, they’ve their own place but since this thing works the same way, I now prefer this.
  • It’s made of glass and wood. Definitely a yes for those who are eco-friendly. I am trying to cut on plastic usage and this was one of the steps I took. It’s entirely handmade and so elegant, you’d want to put it right in front of your eyes.
  • The smell is strong (but not annoying) so it lasts longer as well which is the BEST part especially when you’re living in a small house. It will spread all over.
  • It comes well packed if you buy it from them (available on amazon too). There is NO CHANCE that the glass would break. Beautiful packaging and comes with one bottle of oil too. I am still using it, hopefully, would last for a month.
  • It has a rainbow colored tiny LED (that you can switch off if you want) which adds some more beauty to it.

Essential Oils by Organic Aromas

The complete set of different essential oils

Favorite Essential Oils by Organic Aromas

Two of my favorites. Lavender tops the list.

Uses of Essential Oil

Each oil has its benefits written on the back so you can use accordingly

So how it works?

This is the question everyone has been asking me when I snapped about it. So here is the answer. You just put on the glass on the wooden base, add 10-15 drops of essential oil, close from the top with the tiny cap (it’s open ended), plug in the adapter and rotate the button. That’s it, its that simple. Just switch it on for 20-40 minutes every day and your home well smell heaven, I swear! Also, there’s a tiny button for LED so if you wanna switch it on or off, you can do that as well.

Diffuser with LED

The changing LED light :O My favorite is blue but it keeps on changing every second so you can’t keep just one. This one is blue.
Diffuser with LED Organic AromasHere’s another, Orange! 

I have a surprise for you guys. The diffuser costs 95$ on their website but use the discount code mentioned below and you get to have 15% off. That’s right, but it’s for ONE person so give it a go, you might get lucky! 🙂

The code is SHAREME and you can use it while checkout.

Discount code

The discount coupon with manual. The manual explains usage, how to clean, how to keep it and all. 

This is the one I got. Have a look of this awesome Nebulizing Diffuser and Organic Aromas. They have many options on their website so you can see here. You can also buy it from Amazon here.

Note: I have collaborated with Organic Aromas for this post but the opinion is totally my own.

Have a great day 🙂




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