My Ramadan Routine

Ramadan Sweets IKEA

This tray filled with yummy sweets was sent by IKEA last year as Ramadan greeting. So sweet, we have a mutual love relationship *goals*

My most favorite month of the year is just around the corner (maybe tomorrow or day after is the first Roza) and as always, I am so excited about it. If you don’t know what Ramadan is, it’s a month where all Muslims get to fast (no food/drinks for certain time period, no bad stuff etc.) for the whole month and get into their spiritual beings. I personally always get excited about the vibes that we get especially in the UAE. Everything becomes so calm and quiet, peaceful in a way, every person becomes nice (or maybe people around me), no negativity is seen around, people are seen doing good deeds and most importantly, all groceries and stuff go on flat discounts (how sweet of the authorities). These things motivate a person more for doing good and brings along so many positive energy around, honestly.

Since I am among working class, the hours are reduced (OH MY GOD THIS IS THE BEST FEELING EVER), there’s not much traffic on the roads (so you get to office and home on time), there’s no such activity of going out during the daytime (all you’ve to do is come home and crash for an hour or so), and do the preps for iftar (where we break the fast). When I was single, I had each single iftar outside (which became so hard because there was no fixed place) but now when I am married, I get to eat at home (YAY!).

So after office, I come home, relax for an hour or so and then start prepping for Iftar. I don’t cook a lot since we are just 2 people and eat very less no matter how hungry we are, so we do rounds basically. Most of the times, brothers in law and friends join in (I love it when people come over asking for home food, literally can feel their pain since I have been through it) and then it’s both of us who cook and in more quantity. Well, for that, I have to drag my husband from bed an hour before Iftar so he could help me out else he can sleep for over 15 hours in one go ( the laziest person you’ll ever find)! But usually, he’s kind enough to get up and help out so no regrets 😛
After we are all stuffed up, 2nd round comes and that’s of chai. I mean, who can skip the chai after fasting the whole day? In suhour, we usually don’t drink chai because we have to sleep afterward so that’s the time when we can really enjoy. Usually, I am the one who’s mostly tired and so it’s not my thing. Kitchen handover is taken by the boys and I don’t mind that at all. Husband gets to play on his play-station while I get to read or scroll through the internet, talk with people (guests who’re around), switch on way too many lights and candles (husband hates it but I don’t care) and so the day ends.

Najeeb and his brothers usually prefer dinner since they eat very less in iftar so that’s the 3rd session. I, on the other hand, munch on the leftovers and skip dinners for all 30 days (I mean, is dinner even a thing?) The dinner is already prepared earlier so anyone can go, grab the dishes, make the food warm and help themselves. Mostly, I do. After everyone leaves, we crash on the couch, grab on our own stuff (gaming for him, snap chat for me), watch an episode of any good series and go to bed.

This is the routine that goes for all 30 days, phoof. So what do I do to make it more exciting? I put in some extra candles, lights etc, share sweets with people who come over, put a little bit of Ramadan decor in one corner and try to be as nice as possible. Also, work on my spiritual being too and I don’t want to talk about the rest of the stuff because just like that. The decor and stuff, I’ll share it on my Instagram profile on and off during the whole month so you can keep an eye there on what’s going on. This time though, we are moving houses so the first 2 weeks, forget about it till the place really gets its shape.

That’s it, guys. What do you guys do? Share your thoughts because I’d love to know and can add it up as well 🙂

Ramadan Kareem!

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