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One Single Thought

Credits: Arsh Azim

While sitting randomly on my couch, one small yet deep question caught me wondering.

“What are we here for?”

We get up every day, go to work or whatever, eat, pray, watch something on TV, sleep and repeat the same routine every single day. Have you ever wondered what does this whole cycle give you? Are you doing what you’re supposed to do? Some of you might wonder that it’s thanklessness so whoever thinks so, stop right away and don’t read ahead because you’re being judgmental. It’s just a question that anyone can ask himself and can really catch him thinking on what he/she’s been doing all through their lives. Yes, we do certain things that make us happy like going out on a weekend, attending fun events, sitting around with family and chatting about the past, making fun of whatever happened in our childhood, make someone’s day by inviting them over for dinner/tea etc., and many other random things that we don’t do every day but occasionally.

The question is not that. The question is, “What are we here for?” Why are we living? What are we doing with our lives? Are we doing what we’re supposed to do? 

So many thoughts in one tiny brain can sometimes damage one, but here, there’s no damage caused. It’s just food for thought for some of you out there. Do think and imagine what you’ve been doing all this time. Have you done things that make you feel content? Do you feel good about yourself? Are you happy with everyday cycle or you want to wake up to something new every day? It’s not ideal/realistic, I know, but there’s no harm in thinking.

My fingers can’t just stop typing the questions that are coming to my mind right now but I have to stop because if I don’t, it will be just too much for anyone to digest.

Do think but don’t get caught with it. Move on 😉

Have a great day!



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