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It’s never too late

Arsh Azim
Candid of me clicked by my sister at Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque Abu Dhabi

Sometimes, there are things that truly inspire you from within and you just can’t stop talking about them. There are things and people you’re thankful for, you don’t always say it right away but when they’re gone, you only wish you had one last chance to tell them how thankful you had been to them when they were there in your life. But well, it’s never too late…

Appreciate what you have, look at the brighter picture. There are always two sides, why don’t see them both at the same time? What if you’re jobless, there might be something great waiting for you out there that you later appreciate. Live in the moment, you have the time for yourself, live it and love it. You won’t get this break later on, maybe. What if you’re stuck in traffic and will be late for work, there would be many being stuck while rushing to the hospital but thankfully you’re all well and healthy, appreciate that. What if you had a bad day at work and you have no one to discuss about how your day went, there’s always a night to sleep and another morning to forget about yesterday and start it off. Moreover, there’s nobody to know that you had a bad day, hence you’re in the happy picture for everyone else, might be an inspiration for some, some people might consider you a superman/woman because you always have great things to share, not the bad ones.

You’re having a long day, all struggling to earn bread and butter and some great lifestyle to live by, what about the chores when you get back home? Oh be thankful, some people don’t even have a home, they don’t have families, some don’t even get food to eat. Be thankful, appreciate what you have, give a smile while passing by people, they might be having a bad day and your smile can give them a 5-minute happiness at least.

Say thank you to someone who gives you a glass of water, say thank you to the grocery store guy who fill up the shopping bags for you, say thank you to your building guard who always says hi when he sees you, say thank you to your parents who brought you to this world and today, whatever you are is because of them; remember they taught you each and every gesture, they fed you, they spent sleepless nights to cheer you up, they had bad days to give you a good day, they faced grenades to see you happy. Say thank you to your neighbor who didn’t play loud music in the middle of the night so that you get to have a good night sleep. Say thank you to your friends and family who are always there when you need them. Say thank you to everyone whom you visit, they always treat you well by offering tea, dinner, or the least water. Say thank you to your partner who always looks forward to sitting with you and end the day with a good note, who is always there for you in your good and bad times, who keep up with your dramas, who have accepted you the way you are. Say thank you to your colleague sitting next to you who doesn’t shut you up when you’re too overwhelmed while talking on the phone that his/her work gets bothered. Say thank you to the car who gives you way, give a double indicator or raise your hand, that’s a great gesture. Write a note to someone saying thank you. Give a small thank you gift to anyone you want, it will make their day. Don’t wait for occasions, celebrate things today. Say thank you to yourself, you’ve been working hard to keep everyone happy, keep yourself well-groomed, took and taking care of many things and keeping up with life in this era. Be thankful for everything and say thank you to everyone around you. Be thankful to whoever you are today, be thankful for being alive.

After all, it’s never too late to be thankful.

-Arsh Azim

2 thoughts on “It’s never too late

  1. well that’s true it’s never too late………….. but there is always a time when you feel ruthless because every one else does the same……..


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