EZVIZ C6T Home Security Camera Review – Child Safety

Never thought I’d write such a post but today, I am here to talk about it, FINALLY! Yes, child safety! It is very important especially when you’re working all day and your child is home alone with the nanny or any outside help, whether grandparents, cousins, or whoever. No compromise on trust these days (no offense).

In the beginning, it was very hard for me to get back on track. It was a long maternity leave since I stayed in for 3 whole months with my baby. Getting back into regular 9-6 work routine was a real struggle, to be honest. Even today, many people ask me about how do I manage it and make it look so easy. Well, here’s the harsh reality. It’s NOT! That’s whole another story and I’m thinking about writing a blog on that too since it’s highly demanded and I am receiving questions about it almost every week.

Let’s talk about child safety here. For me, it’s very VERY IMPORTANT that my child is in safe and good hands, and with someone who not only takes care of her but also teaches her good stuff. But who knows about people? No matter how much professional care you hire, how expensive your nanny’s agency is or how fancy the daycare seems, it’s ALWAYS a mandate to keep your eye hence I had to fit in some cameras in the house since I hired the nanny.
Initially, I took a very basic camera that would just record things, had a two-way talking system, WiFi-based (since there’s no issue of light in Dubai and WiFi is on 24/7) so it was convenient. The quality was a bit standard, I’d just watch the whole day’s video on fast forward or mostly log in live in the mobile app and watch.

I love the round shape. Looks so cool!

Then I thought why not to have one more camera in the house since it’s big and I didn’t have any coverage in the bedroom. My baby would mostly be in the bedroom and I had to fix it there to keep an eye. Had to google and came across the EZVIZ cameras online. MAGIC! They’re affordable and has all kinds of variety, whether outdoor or indoor. Not that it has a very fancy camera range, the one that I bought is really cool, looks nice, is very efficient, and fast. Let’s discuss the features of the one I bought – C6T.

Unboxing C6T

First of all, it has an App and all you have to do is download it for FREE and scan your camera, easy setup. Picture quality is awesome! So it records in 3 formats; you can choose whichever, I keep mine on HD (high definition). It has a two-way talking option and is very fast, just like you’re calling on phone. The voice is very clear. It wasn’t like that in my previous camera. 3rd and most important is the privacy mode. Yes, sometimes you want your camera off and you just can’t remove it from the switchboard so simply go to the app and click on “privacy” so the camera will just close its lens and go on sleep mode. You can turn it back on in the App when you want. THAT was the best feature for me since on weekends I really prefer it off.

Here, have a look. How stylish is it?

Great size for personal use at home. ME LIKES!

Also, it has a very long wire so you can just hang it on the wall without seeing the wires. I’ve hung mine in the corner just like this.

That’s where I’ve placed it. Looks accurate and stylish!
Does’t look bad at all. Accurate place for full living room view

It has a sticker that has a drilling feature and a complete guide kit that can help you set it up. Never seen that in any camera before.

I wish everything we drill in the wall had this sticker, life would’ve been so easy!

So guys, if you’re really intending to buy a camera for your baby especially, I’d suggest NEVER to compromise on quality and always go for the good one because child safety is more important than anything else. At least, you won’t be worried much about leaving your baby alone since you can watch them all day on laptop/computer/mobile. My recommendation is EZVIZ C6T just because I’ve personally used it and am confident about its quality.

This is the screenshot of the image quality it has, a part of my living room. 10/10 to quality!

I bought mine from Souq here.

If you want it fixed as well, Ansaries are offering a good deal. I basically had a discussion with them to come for the fittings but then I thought it’s easy so I can do it on my own. But still, if you feel lazy or drilling is a big deal, give it a go.

You can see all the camera features here and the complete range of EZVIZ cameras here.

Hope this is helpful especially for all the new moms.

Disclaimer: This is not a paid post, just my personal opinion. I don’t charge for my blog posts but share what I genuinely feel about a product. Ok Bye! 

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