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What’s on the Outside?

So last night I was sitting on my couch as usual after work, munching on Lays (because all chores were done and just to note, it was 11:00 pm) watching over my kid and TV, and all of a sudden received a message from friend asking why I don’t write on the blog anymore. And then it hit me. When was the last time I quietly sat and penned down my thoughts? Or when was it when I wrote my poem? When was it when I instead of scrolling through Snapchat and Instagram stories, do something productive for exclusively myself?

It’s a harsh reality, we are OVER CONSUMED by this digital world. Even if we get a little 30-second break, we’ll scroll through our phones, waste at least half an hour on checking all the updates, reply to a few and ignore the rest, get back to work, try to be organized with daily chores, yet no time for ourselves. Just switch off your phone for 5 hours, you’ll see the productivity coming through.

Now, while writing this post, I challenged myself that for the next hour and a half, I won’t even touch my phone (unless I am getting an important call), no social media, no messages, nothing!

So here I am, writing down a blog post, got to get some work done, empty up my brain for a bit and get ready for the weekend. We all need to have a schedule to stay sane, else everything falls apart. Never have I ever snoozed my alarm, now it’s been a month that it’s happening and I AM NOT LIKING IT AT ALL. The past month had been hectic, a lot was happening around me and we all were kind of not in our routine but now I have to get back on track. Not that I am missing on the gym, work, or anything, I am just compromising on sleep and me time to get all the other stuff done and I know that this isn’t the right approach. Were’s my stamina going? My body is active but my brain is numb. I never wanted to have a shutdown brain but with all these overwhelming activities, it powers itself off. Not that I don’t get things done, I DO more than anyone can imagine, I ace my work, I ace my home chores, I have a baby and a house to look after, but that’s not it. I used to have reading time, now I’ve 9 unfinished books and unlimited on my list to buy and read – that wasn’t me. I literally made a reading corner at my home and I sat there only ONCE for at least 15 minutes. Like who wouldn’t want to sit here and read?

Reading corner in the house!

Sometimes, you’ve to start things from scratch, for me now is the time. This weekend is to get myself together, organize my side table that’s stuffed with all the random things that had been lying all over the house and all I wanted to do was put them somewhere out of sight but not in the right place, have to eat (make or get made, I don’t care that’s my ritual) BIRYANI that I had been craving for since back from Europe trip, get the ears pierced for Baby Anfa (OMG that had been on my list since the past few months), and many other things I don’t want to disclose at least here 😀 I am sure I’ll be judged (oh, did I start caring about that?)

But all I wanted to say was, whatever you see on Social Media is not everything. You only see the good stuff, we all have issues, we all go through problems, the thing is that we HIDE it. We are good at it, we just don’t show it, you really don’t know behind the scenes of a movie, life is like that. We are great liars, social media isn’t even 2% of the real life, trust me on that. Real life isn’t picture perfect. You never know who’s going through what, all you see is just 10-30 seconds of a person’s life, that’s not all. All you’ve to do is feel good in your shoes, you’re the only one wearing them and they have to be clean at least on the outside (if you know what I mean 😉 )

Cheers to a happy weekend!

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