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The Grind is in our Mind

Sharing a breathtaking view from our holiday in Switzerland

We all have heard and of course, used the term “back to the grind” at least 100 times in our life and I am not exaggerating at all, maybe it’s more. So why do we use that so often, have you ever thought about it? Well, I did and realized one thing, it’s just in our thought.

We wake up every day, get ready to go to work/study or do the house chores and call it “back to the grind”. And yes, I am mentioning the house chores because many people are staying at home mommies/daddies/wives/husbands/other-chores-that-I-might-not-know, and their jobs are tougher than you think, believe me. They always need that credit because that’s THEIR work. So back to the point, what actually is back to the grind?

Well honestly, it’s just in our heads. Why do we have to call our work “grind” when we opt for it by choice? Ok, you can get fed up one day but the same working person can get bored when he/she has nothing to do- been there done that! Yes, we all need a break once in a while but “waila-pan” is not what anyone wants. What is life if you’ve nothing to do?

Saying it is easy that “hey, why don’t you do something that you really love?” Well, I love writing and that’s my job but I do get bored/blocked sometimes. This doesn’t mean I should start hating what I do as a passion. Yes, luckily I am in the field that I have always loved but we do have time offs. There are actors/singers having that fancy entertaining job but don’t you think they might get bored of it too? After all, it’s a JOB! So what do I do when I get blocked? I take a break, yes! As I said, it’s important to freshen up. It’s just like a hot shower after a long workout. Go on a holiday if you can. It’s not necessary to book a ticket to Europe or the moon, you can just take a time off and do nothing. Everything has its charm, I’ve done that too! Detox from every negativity, why let things disturb you? Switch off the red button in your head. Also, I’ve learned one thing; the same environment can’t bring positivity where negativity began, so get up and move. Change the place, change the environment, just walk outside. It helps.

All in all, it’s just in our heads, the grind. It’s just an idea that strikes us once in a while. So let’s not stick to it, we can keep it for a while and then move on. Life isn’t short, it’s long and beautiful. It’s all in our hands how to portray it or make it for ourselves.

Cheers 🙂

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