40 Rules of Enlightenment · Poetry

Rule # 33 – From Emptiness to Nothingness

From Emptiness to Nothingness - Arsh Azim

While everyone in this world strives to get somewhere and become someone, only to leave it all behind after death, you aim for the supreme stage of nothingness. Live this life as light and empty as the number zero. We are no different from a pot. It is not the decorations outside but the emptiness inside that holds us straight. Just like that, it is not what we aspire to achieve but the consciousness of nothingness that keeps us going.

-The Forty Rules of Love

We come to this world empty handed. From the first cry to the last breath, we have but nothing. Then why do we have such pride of belongingness? Why are we so consumed with everyday things? We do we compete to reach a certain level? We are but empty.

Who are we, in the end? Who do we become with all the chaos around us? Where do we go when all we have is soil to look forward to? Living it meaningless might be harmful but living with minimalism is the richest thing that you can do for your soul. Being content with nothing is what it has to be.


Thou slept

Yet were awake

So is this soul

Walking but dead.

It’s cold

Yet so warm

On the inside

And the outside.

A thunder, oh wait!

Thee shall pause

And hear the unheard

All the empty sounds

Filled with Nothingness…

-Arsh Azim

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