An Incomplete Letter to Myself in 2020

We are all either part of broken families, or broken hearts. Sometimes, it could be broken souls, or broken world entirely. And that doesn’t mean that we keep on being guilty about it, rant about it, or let it be a topic of discussion at all times.

Nobody is perfect, we all know that. And nobody ever even told us that we are, right? Then why struggle so much for perfection? Why portray ourselves the best at all times?

I know that 2020 has been entirely a new era, never could have anyone imagined it to be this way, but have we accepted the way we are living right now?

I know that hope is the only thing that is keeping us alive right now but will this hope last?

Ask yourself today, have you been a human through this time? I know it’s a lot to handle but have you even tried to be patient once or let a bad situation go in one shot without thinking about it twice? Have you forgiven someone for something really bad that you assume they might’ve done to you? Have you got such a big heart to handle all that? If not, have you given it a single try?

It’s time to think, over and over again. What are we here for? Until when are we going to last? Until when is this entire situation going to last? What will we take when we depart? Will everything be normal? Yes. When? God knows. What can we do about it? Accept and let it flow- THIS will entirely change your perception.

No, don’t look for perfections, for they don’t exist, at all! Yes, look for a better you. For that’s what will be remembered, for that’s what part of you will remain here.

And we will be asked what we did better in this world, do we have any answer for that? We will also be questioned about how we made someone’s life better through our behavior, are we confident about that?

It’s time to think, not act right away but ponder at least. So tell me, how have you been?

All right?

All right then…

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