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Amidst the Chaos, We Smile

Sitting and having a heart-to-heart with my blog today, not because I cannot vent my feelings to humans. It is just that people have judgments in their heads that I cannot stand right now. So let’s begin, shall we?

Here, nobody is going to judge me, and even if someone does, I won’t be able to know. What a beautiful world that I’ve made for myself, right?

We are always in such a hurry, making money or happiness that we sometimes forget to wash our faces and go to bed just like that, only to wake up in the morning and become the same machines again. Days pass by, and we mature, our vision boards have more targets that keep on increasing, we rush, we run, we struggle, over and over again. *deep breath*

Self-sufficiency is not something that everyone has. Some people don’t even know the definition of it, let alone living the life of it. It’s all haphazard for them, maybe not for real, because they’re in the dark box of survival. What is the aftermath of this? They don’t know. All they see is present, live it, move along, and pass it on. What an unbelievable life. *sighs*

Certainty or uncertainty, we do things for ourselves, sometimes others. We decide our future, we see ourselves in the next five or ten years, we grow old, we live by the good and bad times, sometimes we forget, and other times we dream of the bitter times, then what? Where is this life even taking us? Some people see us happy, without realizing that there might be ten broken cells in each chamber of the heart, 20 mismatched veins in every corner of the brain, and irregular blood circulation all over the body. They only see the outside, just the ones we decide to show them, just the way we like it. *gasps*

Amidst all the chaos, we still smile and survive!

Mic drop!

2 thoughts on “Amidst the Chaos, We Smile

  1. This highly resonates with me. Days go by, we keep growing older and wiser but completely stoic. Some of us have hibernated from the scene. Neither sharing our victories nor broadcasting our shortcomings to the world. Just living, breathing, trying to be happy even if we’re not happy, working hard and exhausting ourselves to a point where the brain muscle doesn’t dare to keep us down anymore rather only signalling us to close our eyes and go to sleep. I don’t know why I typed this but I’m moved by your blog post and a lot more than that since childhood 🙂 You’re always and always in my prayers.
    Love, prayers and good health to you and little Anfa.

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