About Me

Writer, Blogger, Poetess, Planner, Activist, Photographer, Sporty – titled as a Doctographer ♛ Social Media Enthusiast & Still No Idea What am I doing with Life!


A 24 year old passionate adult I am, aiming to deal with my inside creativity and other skills to become what I’ve always dreamed of, a GOOD artist. I don’t call myself a poet for I don’t know what rules and regulations are to be followed but what makes me a poet is my feelings flowing throughout my world of imaginations and being expressed in a tone. Being sensitive and inspired from nature, I love to to do photography. My attachment with the basketball is just like a body’s attachment with the soul. Music makes me write at my best. ♫ and lessons of life makes me a good counselor. A Social Media Enthusiast, highly blessed I am, first of all, for being a Muslim, secondly for being someone for whom relationships matter the most, and thirdly for being considered as a leader in most of the activities 🙂

Still struggling with life and a future but I believe the struggles never end, hence decided to live in the present! 😉

That Girl

A little soul titled as “social butterfly” and “chota don” at different stages of life. Always dreaming high like the name and aiming for more. I’m not what you see. I am not the way you find me. I am what I should be, in the other world.

An open book with an unknown language- learn the language before reading it: that’s me! 😉

17 thoughts on “About Me

  1. ❤ You have got a bright future cause i can see the light in you. 🙂 Are you a publishing writer? I mean other then the blog 🙂 Your positivism is remarkable in this dark world. Stay blessed lady.:) Keep writing, keep creating.


    1. Thank you very much dear. Every bit of your view means a lot in here. Straight to the heart. All I aim is to keep my readers happy and let them know that besides all negativity in life, we’ve to live the life to the fullest!
      And yes, I have been published in Us Magazine by the news and dawn young world. Other than that, small pieces somewhere in papers and that’s all. My blog has everything in it though! Keep your comments coming. God bless you :*


  2. Doctographer? Does that mean that your DSLR has a stethoscope attached with it? lol

    Its always nice to read people who write out of their struggles in life and share it to get off their minds.

    I hope to expect a lot of goodies from your blog. Happy Breathing 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you Bilal! The title Doctographer was given to me by a friend as I’m a psychologist and photographer. Lol. Anyways, keep your comments coming. God bless you!


      1. No worries 🙂

        The Psychologist part is cool 😀

        My mother had her major in Psychology, too bad it wasn’t Clinical. -.-

        Sure, you too.

        Liked by 1 person

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