Let’s make it easy for both of us. You don’t have to ask a lot and I don’t have to answer every time. This section is purely for those who want to know about how I review products or want their items to be reviewed. It’s purely an advertising and media corner to be precise.  Scroll through all of the frequently asked questions below:
Living: In Dubai
Blogging since: 2009 but actively since 2011

Photography: Purely done by me. Either from my phone or a DSLR. Depends on whatever captures the best. And don’t worry, I know how to deal with both 😉

Advertise or Partner with me: Simply email me and I’ll get back to you. It’s dr.arshazim@gmail.com

Working with Brands/products: Well, I’ll try the product on myself first. If I like it, I’ll definitely recommend it. If I don’t. I’ll still review it and give my honest opinion.


If I am reviewing your product will I return it? If you want me to review your product, just get in touch with me through email. Unfortunately, I will not return the product so please send on your own choice.


What do I review: I review almost everything that I like which can be about food, cosmetics, travel, lifestyle, movies, books, tech, and everything good 😀 Just check out this link and stay updated. 

Charges for Sponsorship: Please email me and I’ll send over the media kit.

I hope I’ve clarified almost all the questions. Please get in touch if you’ve still got things to ask 🙂