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The Grind is in our Mind

We all have heard and of course, used the term “back to the grind” at least 100 times in our life and I am not exaggerating at all, maybe it’s more. So why do we use that so often, have you ever thought about it? Well, I did and realized one thing, it’s just in… Continue reading The Grind is in our Mind

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What’s on the Outside?

So last night I was sitting on my couch as usual after work, munching on Lays (because all chores were done and just to note, it was 11:00 pm) watching over my kid and TV, and all of a sudden received a message from friend asking why I don’t write on the blog anymore. And then… Continue reading What’s on the Outside?


EZVIZ C6T Home Security Camera Review – Child Safety

Never thought I’d write such a post but today, I am here to talk about it, FINALLY! Yes, child safety! It is very important especially when you’re working all day and your child is home alone with the nanny or any outside help, whether grandparents, cousins, or whoever. No compromise on trust these days (no… Continue reading EZVIZ C6T Home Security Camera Review – Child Safety

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27 Things I Learned After Turning 27

This is going to be long (over 1900 words, OMG didn’t plan that). I won’t just summarize it because it’s not easy. We sometimes learn things the hard way and I personally feel like it’s my responsibility to give you all a heads up; the emotional rides that I had gone through all this learning, the times when I had not a single shoulder to cry on, the moments that can’t come back but has left a mark on my heart and it still is dark, there’s more to that. This post wasn’t an easy ride just like the life that we spend. It takes a lot of courage to tell the truth or be honest in today’s world. I had to say it all, without any actual reason. Just feel like sometimes it’s good to say it all loud. So bring in your chai/coffee/water, pizza or a burger and enjoy the roller-coaster ride!

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Midnight Thoughts

Random midnight thoughts that either don’t let me sleep or sleep with peace, get in to read.