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DIY Washi Tape Bandages and Journal

Hello from the other side 😀 Yes, it’s been a long time since I wrote the last post, Ramadan you know. I’ve been VERY and UNEXPECTEDLY busy like hell so couldn’t manage to blog as regularly as before. Sorry acha? But guys, I am here with a very interesting post. This is the first time… Continue reading DIY Washi Tape Bandages and Journal

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life teaches you a lot. Its ups and downs, it’s right and left turns, it’s round abouts, it’s lost pathways, everything that’s present has a present in it in the form of a lesson and a great teaching . –Arsh  

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Nothing Scares Me Anymore

These days I don’t know why but I just wanna draw doodles. It’s messy and I like it. It’s not different but it’s just so spotless and nobody gets it. Live doing it 😉 My today’s doodle – Nothing Scares me Anymore Happy watching 🙂 -Arsh

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Calm Down Doodle

Just like that.   -Arsh 

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Doodling Up!

Well, yesterday I came up with a random doodle out of stress and boredom. I feel it’s not THAT good but it’s at least something 😛 Check it out 🙂   -Arsh