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Get into GOMO, not FOMO this year

Heard about FOMO (Fear of Missing out)? Many of you would have that feeling especially seeing check-ins of friends in the places you so wish to be but either your work won’t allow or your pockets, sometimes time! Why buy things that you’d rarely use? Put some in the travel jar and USE it at… Continue reading Get into GOMO, not FOMO this year

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Goa Worth a Vacation this Year

So I’ve been talking about various vacation spots lately and the more I am exploring about India, my interest level is increasing. It’s such a must visit place especially due to its culture and beauty. Today, I am going to talk about Goa since it’s one of the most visited places in India. There’re many… Continue reading Goa Worth a Vacation this Year

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Top 3 Tourist places in Kerala

Many of you might have heard about Kerala especially if you’re living somewhere in the Middle East. And if you’re from India, you definitely know about it. To be honest, I never heard the name before I moved to Dubai but after I got to know, I believe majority of Indians in this city are… Continue reading Top 3 Tourist places in Kerala

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Flying with the Emirates

  Many of you must’ve flown in the Emirates, rated as one of the best International airlines, and if your destination is the UAE, the Emirates is your obvious choice—not because it’s the most famous one but because its offers and services are simply peerless. The world-class services offered by Emirates are the reason why… Continue reading Flying with the Emirates

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My Personal Favourite Hotels in Dubai

Okay, so I’ve been to several hotels in Dubai for events, stays, meetups, etc. Mostly when my friends are visiting, they get to ask my reviews about hotels in Dubai and never regret my recommendations. The lists of Dubai hotels is never ending, but I’ll be enlisting my personal favorites here. Of course, there are… Continue reading My Personal Favourite Hotels in Dubai