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Monthly Picks: August Release

Whoops! My vacations are over and I am back to working actively, same routine, office>home>workout>chores>blah blah! This month is pretty much interesting and active, it was N’s birthday and I planned a surprise party for him about which he had NO IDEA (he never celebrated his birthday in party form so I wanted this one… Continue reading Monthly Picks: August Release

Art Speaks

Doodling Up!

Well, yesterday I came up with a random doodle out of stress and boredom. I feel it’s not THAT good but it’s at least something 😛 Check it out 🙂   -Arsh

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Bored like anything? Plug-in your earphones and play the songs that you mostly miss in your play list. The old songs not only make you feel good but the nostalgia and memories associated with it are worth a smile. So why just playing new songs all the time? Pinch in for some old downloads. It’s… Continue reading Music-ation!

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Bugging on Stones

Painting is one of my so many random hobbies and previously I had been into a stone painting exhibition in my college and made a few designs. That was just for the sake of volunteering but one day, after seeing the same stones I wanted to make something so collected them and made something cute 😛… Continue reading Bugging on Stones

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Ti’s Eggish Now! :P

Making faces on random things has been my long time hobby. I love to make different emoticons of my own, different faces giving different expressions. It just expresses what an inside of a person has for himself. Because a person is for his own. Here are cartoon faces on an egg which I made randomly… Continue reading Ti’s Eggish Now! 😛