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Cartoon-ish ^_^

At times I feel so stupid to make cartoons all from nowhere but my mind and they are so random but all of a sudden look beautiful when put all together. Umhmm… After drawing it, I was like, “is this what’s on my mind? :O Bhataktee Roohain” 😀 Anyways, they are cute, aren’t they? 😛… Continue reading Cartoon-ish ^_^

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Diary ♥ Doo Buddy Doo ♥

Something that has really made me nostalgic. Was going through my old notes and found this so thought to share it on my blog. iMiss this Diary for I no more have it 😥 It’s with me whenever I need it. Although now I’ve turned old and busy in bloody hell kinda scientific studies and… Continue reading Diary ♥ Doo Buddy Doo ♥

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During the Mission of Completion!

Well, i write, i paint, i dramatize, i do whatever comes to my mind and say my heart. The stuff that i do, need time and during the work, some great things happen that shouldn’t be missed and saved in clicks. here are some worth capturing moments ♥

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White-Board Art

The weird time pass that I do and that too coz I like drawing. AWFUL coz its in my class on white bard 😀 Talent? eh? :p