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Monthly Picks: August Release

Whoops! My vacations are over and I am back to working actively, same routine, office>home>workout>chores>blah blah! This month is pretty much interesting and active, it was N’s birthday and I planned a surprise party for him about which he had NO IDEA (he never celebrated his birthday in party form so I wanted this one… Continue reading Monthly Picks: August Release

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Rice Scrub and Body Cream by Rituals Cosmetics

Though I am not a cosmetics fan but there are a few essentials that one must use once in a while. Rituals is a newly cosmetic store opened in Mall of the Emirates Dubai and I got this box of basic body essentials a few weeks back from Shehzeen through one of her campaigns (all thanks… Continue reading Rice Scrub and Body Cream by Rituals Cosmetics

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Monthly Picks: May Release

I know that I’ve been quite active on my blog for the past couple of days which is a good thing. I’ve been reviewing stuff, started a new series about Oprah 20 questions that every woman must ask herself, slowly bringing an end to a very old series of poetry that I started when I got inspired… Continue reading Monthly Picks: May Release

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DIY Nail Art

So nails are the ONLY thing I can do every month on regular basis (yes I am not a beauty spree and hence don’t spend much time on myself.) I personally like doing nails every now and then and keep on trying stuff. Last month I was in Daiso so saw these amazing DIY flower… Continue reading DIY Nail Art

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Day 5 – Black

So it’s day 5 and who can forget to discuss black? Black beauty is everlasting, dude! And it’s the most admired color by many. Your nails look awesome with put on! I used this one by Rimmel, the lasting finish and it’s so shiny. It’s not totally matte and gives a vibrant look 🙂 you… Continue reading Day 5 – Black