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Monthly Picks: July Release

So Ramadan is over, Eid is over, and we are back to the daily grind, work work work! But wait, I have vacations coming up so YAY me! My yearly vacations are starting next week and I am so excited. Have planned a lot of stuff, going to relax, work (on myself emotionally, spiritually, and… Continue reading Monthly Picks: July Release

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Monthly Picks: June Release

Since you all know it’s Ramadan and I have been quiet on my blog. I know it’s not good but I have been stuck with a few important things and so can’t give much time here (I know it’s the worst excuse but I am sorry). I’ll be active after Ramadan for sure inshaaAllah! Oh… Continue reading Monthly Picks: June Release

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Monthly Picks: May Release

I know that I’ve been quite active on my blog for the past couple of days which is a good thing. I’ve been reviewing stuff, started a new series about Oprah 20 questions that every woman must ask herself, slowly bringing an end to a very old series of poetry that I started when I got inspired… Continue reading Monthly Picks: May Release

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Fake it up Naturally with Benefit

A short and quick review about Benefit cosmetics for eyes.
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Day 5 – Black

So it’s day 5 and who can forget to discuss black? Black beauty is everlasting, dude! And it’s the most admired color by many. Your nails look awesome with put on! I used this one by Rimmel, the lasting finish and it’s so shiny. It’s not totally matte and gives a vibrant look 🙂 you… Continue reading Day 5 – Black