IKIGAI by Hector Garcia, Albert Liebermann: Book Review

Books can be your mentors and this is one of them. This book got me struck from the very first page that says: “Only staying active will make you want to live a hundred years.” —Japanese proverb  I truly believe in this statement. I have been active all my life and sitting idle kind of depresses me (a weird fact about me that now many of you… Continue reading IKIGAI by Hector Garcia, Albert Liebermann: Book Review

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The Lost Symbol-Book Review

And finally The Lost Symbol comes to an end with the key to my happiness, “Hope” ❤ Well the good thing about this book was when I reached to Chapter # 100, I couldn’t sleep and read it in the torch light till my eyes started craving to sleep 😀 because I am used to sleeping early… Continue reading The Lost Symbol-Book Review

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iRead because iLove it!

Reading has been my best hobby for it gives me pleasure. Books are pleasure as well as a good way to say “good bye” to your disappointments! 🙂 I started “The Zahir” two days back and today, it left me with a happy ending. Paulo has always been my all time favourite and his each… Continue reading iRead because iLove it!