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Keeping up with the Diaries

This titles seem a little intriguing, isn’t it? 😀 I wasn’t basically intending to keep it that way but it looks nice to me so yeah, I’ll go with it 😉 Talking about the post, we being those random sensitive cum funny yet superlatively unconscious writers are usually found in stationary shops in the malls… Continue reading Keeping up with the Diaries

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DIY Nail Art

So nails are the ONLY thing I can do every month on regular basis (yes I am not a beauty spree and hence don’t spend much time on myself.) I personally like doing nails every now and then and keep on trying stuff. Last month I was in Daiso so saw these amazing DIY flower… Continue reading DIY Nail Art

Art Speaks

Nothing Scares Me Anymore

These days I don’t know why but I just wanna draw doodles. It’s messy and I like it. It’s not different but it’s just so spotless and nobody gets it. Live doing it 😉 My today’s doodle – Nothing Scares me Anymore Happy watching 🙂 -Arsh

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The Cyclist

This child has a funny story. One night, while walking on the beach with my friends, I saw him riding on his bicycle on the bumpy area so I just went towards him to take his picture. He totally said “NO” :O I asked, “what’s your name?” He said “Eugene” ( I think. I don’t… Continue reading The Cyclist

Children of Dubai · My Photography

Because she is innocent