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What Do We Do With All This Emptiness?

There comes a time when you feel empty inside out. Nothing amuses you and you just want to lie down, watch stuff, give a damn, don’t even talk or complain and let it be. You stare at the walls and feel blank. You watch TV but don’t understand what’s in it. You pray but don’t… Continue reading What Do We Do With All This Emptiness?

My Diary's Page

Randomness of the Day

At one moment you’re all happy and cheering up but in an instance, you just give up. You’re nervous, scared, fearing stuff, and every scary word in the dictionary. Things scare you, people scare the hell out of you. I really don’t know how to explain it. You know that your dreams are coming true, you’re getting what… Continue reading Randomness of the Day

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Intentionally Blind

Despite the fact that the sight was blur I drenched into the bloody act of regression, suppression, went beneath the tortures succumbed with depression. It was unfair, but the faulty stars always fall from the height- scars. Lesson learned Yet mistaken. Broken dreams Shattered self. Being Human an intentionally blind one. -Arsh Azim

My Diary's Page

The Deep Inside Stuff

Nothing is perfect and no body is ideal. We all have our faults, problems, miseries, neglects, and oh so many words that I cannot describe right now. In short, har kisay nu mukammal jahan nai milda (translation: not everyone gets the complete world.) But we live with it, right? We do. That’s how it’s written.… Continue reading The Deep Inside Stuff

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You Lose it All

Just some words That turned me off. I was happy And then I wasn’t. Was just lost… You desire dream and let it shatter You lose it all. You scatter the pieces of your broken heart Count the countless And lose the number You lose it all. In a minute You are excited The next… Continue reading You Lose it All