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Amidst the Chaos, We Smile

Sitting and having a heart-to-heart with my blog today, not because I cannot vent my feelings to humans. It is just that people have judgments in their heads that I cannot stand right now. So let’s begin, shall we? Here, nobody is going to judge me, and even if someone does, I won’t be able… Continue reading Amidst the Chaos, We Smile


An Incomplete Letter to Myself in 2020

It’s time to think, over and over again. What are we here for? Until when are we going to last? Until when is this entire situation going to last? What will we take when we depart? Will everything be normal? Yes. When? God knows. What can we do about it? Accept and let it flow- THIS will entirely change your perception.

My Diary's Page

It’s never too late

Sometimes, there are things that truly inspire you from within and you just can’t stop talking about them. There are things and people you’re thankful for, you don’t always say it right away but when they’re gone, you only wish you had one last chance to tell them how thankful you had been to them… Continue reading It’s never too late

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There Used to be a Time…

There used to be a time when I’d attach myself to tiny little things around and never let them go. Now I don’t have them anymore but I miss them. When I see them, I want them back. Is that normal? There used to be a time when if I spend more than 2 days… Continue reading There Used to be a Time…

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Just Those Cards

Playing with the emotions has become so easy especially when the other person knows your weaknesses. You tell the people about things that hurt you just because you don’t want them at least to do it to you. Why would you even tell someone that you’re broken? No, not to gain sympathies or play dramas… Continue reading Just Those Cards