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DIY Nail Art

So nails are the ONLY thing I can do every month on regular basis (yes I am not a beauty spree and hence don’t spend much time on myself.) I personally like doing nails every now and then and keep on trying stuff. Last month I was in Daiso so saw these amazing DIY flower… Continue reading DIY Nail Art

5 Days · Beauty & Lifestyle · Series

Day 5 – Black

So it’s day 5 and who can forget to discuss black? Black beauty is everlasting, dude! And it’s the most admired color by many. Your nails look awesome with put on! I used this one by Rimmel, the lasting finish and it’s so shiny. It’s not totally matte and gives a vibrant look 🙂 you… Continue reading Day 5 – Black

5 Days · Beauty & Lifestyle · Series

Day 4 – Mauve

As I previously said that purple is among my top favorites so I just can’t stop trying all shades of purple 😀 yes, purple is my weakness. 😛 Hence, here comes my another favorite, mauve. Though it’s not as vibrant as the others but it’s a very plain yet shiny color. I got this one… Continue reading Day 4 – Mauve

5 Days · Beauty & Lifestyle · Series

Day 3 – Red

Talking about vibrant nails and not discussing red? How could that happen? 😀 Red has always been my hot favorite choice. Though I wasn’t much of a fan before using it but when I did, oh it looked hot 😛 So I’d go for this color all summer long, believe me! This lasting finish by… Continue reading Day 3 – Red

5 Days · Beauty & Lifestyle · Series

Day 2 – Blue

Never in my life have I ever used blue but this time when I saw it, I was like, ‘let’s give it a try’ and since then, it has become my top favorite. Majority of my wardrobe including bags and shoes has blue something in it so this color goes with all my summer collection… Continue reading Day 2 – Blue