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Desire to Write- bring it on!

The desire to write grows with writing. -Desiderius Erasmus These days, I am so much in mood to write on and on and on… BUT this work and busy schedule just don’t let me do so. Still I try to manage it and write at least something once in a while. When I am jumbling… Continue reading Desire to Write- bring it on!

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Bored like anything? Plug-in your earphones and play the songs that you mostly miss in your play list. The old songs not only make you feel good but the nostalgia and memories associated with it are worth a smile. So why just playing new songs all the time? Pinch in for some old downloads. It’s… Continue reading Music-ation!

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Yajooj Majooj. iMiss :(

Collecting these little things have always been my hobby. But there came times when I couldn’t carry all this stuff along with me and lost them 😦 My friends named my little stuff “yajooj majooj” that used to be present on my table and so now, thinking about those small cute little things is making… Continue reading Yajooj Majooj. iMiss 😦

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Being a Nerd isn’t Being Smart!

Well, as far as I’ve came across the nerds-cum-bookworms, they have always been such people who completely think about the studies only and not out of the box. And today, the world has so moved forward that these people wont be able to exist in the world and will become those rare species 😀 Honestly… Continue reading Being a Nerd isn’t Being Smart!

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Ti’s Eggish Now! :P

Making faces on random things has been my long time hobby. I love to make different emoticons of my own, different faces giving different expressions. It just expresses what an inside of a person has for himself. Because a person is for his own. Here are cartoon faces on an egg which I made randomly… Continue reading Ti’s Eggish Now! 😛