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Ye Zindai

Ye rang, justojoo, aur zindagi Bas jeenay nahi deti, sonay nahi deti. Translation: These colors, struggles, and life Just don’t let you live, don’t let you sleep. -Arsh Azim

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Defining Mothers

Let’s say you’ve to define a mother. What would you say? Wait, I know. A woman who gave you birth, guarded you since you were conceived, took care of you at every stage of life, cried for you when you were sick, stayed awake all night to help you sleep and get away with nightmares,… Continue reading Defining Mothers

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Intentionally Blind

Despite the fact that the sight was blur I drenched into the bloody act of regression, suppression, went beneath the tortures succumbed with depression. It was unfair, but the faulty stars always fall from the height- scars. Lesson learned Yet mistaken. Broken dreams Shattered self. Being Human an intentionally blind one. -Arsh Azim

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One of those Lanes

And then there are those pathways in which you just go randomly and get lost. No, I am not talking about the journeys that we dream to follow or the pathways that we created for ourselves and we go through those. I am talking about the lanes that we come across during a lost journey… Continue reading One of those Lanes

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Just Those Cards

Playing with the emotions has become so easy especially when the other person knows your weaknesses. You tell the people about things that hurt you just because you don’t want them at least to do it to you. Why would you even tell someone that you’re broken? No, not to gain sympathies or play dramas… Continue reading Just Those Cards