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Goa Worth a Vacation this Year

So I’ve been talking about various vacation spots lately and the more I am exploring about India, my interest level is increasing. It’s such a must visit place especially due to its culture and beauty. Today, I am going to talk about Goa since it’s one of the most visited places in India. There’re many… Continue reading Goa Worth a Vacation this Year

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Top 3 Tourist places in Kerala

Many of you might have heard about Kerala especially if you’re living somewhere in the Middle East. And if you’re from India, you definitely know about it. To be honest, I never heard the name before I moved to Dubai but after I got to know, I believe majority of Indians in this city are… Continue reading Top 3 Tourist places in Kerala

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Travelling Into Depth: NaBloPoMo # 21

There’s always a long journey to cross in order to reach the depth of a person. People ask me sometimes, “You’re a psychologist. Can you tell me something about me?” to which my reply is a question back, “Do you really want to know you you are?” It’s not an easy thing to tell about… Continue reading Travelling Into Depth: NaBloPoMo # 21