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Oprah 20 Questions Challenge: 2

So I started this series of Oprah 20 Questions Challenge last week and here I am with the second question. Just in case if you’ve missed the first one and also need a little bit of details regarding what this series is about, just check out my last post here. The second question goes like: What… Continue reading Oprah 20 Questions Challenge: 2

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The Deep Inside Stuff

Nothing is perfect and no body is ideal. We all have our faults, problems, miseries, neglects, and oh so many words that I cannot describe right now. In short, har kisay nu mukammal jahan nai milda (translation: not everyone gets the complete world.) But we live with it, right? We do. That’s how it’s written.… Continue reading The Deep Inside Stuff

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Fake it up Naturally with Benefit

A short and quick review about Benefit cosmetics for eyes.
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5 Days · Beauty & Lifestyle · Series

Day 4 – Mauve

As I previously said that purple is among my top favorites so I just can’t stop trying all shades of purple 😀 yes, purple is my weakness. 😛 Hence, here comes my another favorite, mauve. Though it’s not as vibrant as the others but it’s a very plain yet shiny color. I got this one… Continue reading Day 4 – Mauve

5 Days · Beauty & Lifestyle · My Photography · Series

Day 1 – Purple

So I’ll take a start with my personal favorite – purple. This color always fascinates me and I don’t know why 😀 since childhood it’s my prop choice and my first nail polish that I bought in college was also purple. Isn’t it awesome? 😛 Talking about the nail paint, I got this one from… Continue reading Day 1 – Purple